MIXTAPES and music selected by SHOSHIN

SHOSHIN & CO. is an international platform created by Luke Norris. Inspired by the Japanese word meaning “beginners mind’ that represents an attitude of openness, eagerness and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject. Even at an advanced level related to typologies and the psychological, sociological, and biological theories in todays world. 

SHOSHIN & CO. will umbrella a number of digital platforms that tap into the all the senses that have inspired Luke Norris and give an insight into the his inspiration, interests & influences. 

SHOSHIN Television - video content from documentaries to cooking tips.

SHOSHIN Sessions -  a diverse range of music & mixtapes. 

Subterranean Vision - cultural news.  

SHOSHIN  Degustation - a visual feast of images 

SHOSHIN Eyewear - the first product produced by SHOSHIN & CO. (coming soon)

Representing the ability to take criticism offensively or constructively. Challenge your views & opinions, push your abilities, taking on the view & opinions of others & don't let your ego cloud your judgment in your work.

Luke Norris’ background as a designer & brand consultant for creatives, executives and entrepreneurs around the world under his firm ‘Tuhi Creative’. The name ‘Tuhi’ originating from his New Zealand native Maori heritage word meaning to communicate through the five senses - touch, smell, taste, sight & gesturing. 

The first question Luke Norris will ask is - ’What is the point difference'? There is such a thing as a saturated market. Only too many people & companies playing it safe or being influenced by their competitors & not looking for inspiration and ideas outside the box. But there comes a risk going into uncharted waters so you must show the benefits & be accountable if you really believe in your idea. Apply the SHOSHIN state of mind and use the TUHI criteria vessels to execute your objective.

Luke Norris lives by the motto - Trust your curiosity & intuition to give you foresight.